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Backup management console

Pilote and monitor all your external backups in one monitoring console. It allows you to administer your backup server regardless of the mode used ; filer mode, screenshop mode or hypervisor.
Every administrator can customize the console's options.

Management console integrated in Nuabee Backup solution

This monitoring console is a component of nuabee backup solution, it allows to protect more efficency your Infrastructure backups in the Cloud and locally.
Thanks to the backup solution for servers you can be sure to have regular backups, monitored. Your data will be safe.

Backup consoles' features

Overview and summary of backups:

  • The size backups evolution
  • Backup plans status
  • licenses status
  • As well as many other syntheses of your backups ...

Your data safety is our priority

  • Quick view of backup errors
  • Ability to set console options for each administrator

Management and monitoring of your backups

  • Download saved files
  • View of machines available to "remote management"
  • View of number of servers/VM/ workstation backup on the Cloud
  • Monitoring of consumption of cloud space

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Nuabee has implemented a backup and restore solution for your data on the Cloud. The goal is to prevent data loss by ensuring regular and automatic backups, and, when needed, a fast restoration of these backups. By combining the Cloud advantages with our security expertise, Nuabee backup solution is efficient and can guarantee an IT activity continuity to its customers.

Backup Console

Nuabee provide a management console that allow you to manage the entirety of your backups, independently of their type (file, image, hypervisor..). Console options can be tweaked for each of your administrators.

Home Menu

Here's what's displayed on the home menu :

  • Number of backup plan
  • Cloud storage consumption
  • Number of online VM/PC
  • Machines remotely accessible

Console backup Nuabee 1


Backup for each servers (or workstation)

There is a synthetic display of servers backups and status

Console backup Nuabee 2

Backup plans management

For each server, it's possible to create or modify parameters and to start backups

Console backup Nuabee 3




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