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Benefits from Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster recovery is a complex exercise that requires careful and costly preparation, and quickly becomes obsolete. DRaaS is then more and more attractive for companies. Especially for small and medium companies, that couldn't afford a disaster recovery plan besore DRaaS arrived. In addition to reducing costs, it allows CIOs to refocus on improving the company's core business, and to have an evolving solution along with company's data.

Nuabee's draas

DRaaS advantages VS traditionnal DRP plan

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Traditionnal Disaster Recovery Plan

Short recovery Time

Recovery of critical applications:
from a few second to a few hours
Nuabee's DRaaS : Less than 2 h

Long recovery time

Most of the time, recovery time is
over 48 hours


Servers are billed only during testing and in case of recovery following a disaster.

Very expensive infrastructures

Need to invest in infrastructure: servers, storage, network

Simple recovery tests

A test can be launch in one-click you can follow the test progress and the recovery test repport is generated automatically

Complex and costly Recovery tests

Difficult, complex and expensive backup recovery test or DRaaS test are rarely done

Solution that fits your IS

Easy DRaaS perimeter update thanks to our idustialization flexibility and the Public Cloud

Complex DRP update

Very complicated update for DRP perimeter (adding or deleting environments)

Short commitment

1 year commitment most of the time

Longs commitment

Long contractual commitments (usually 3 years or more)

Article : 5 benefits of Disaster Recovery as a Service over traditional DRP

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