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Security pole : consulting and formation in Cybersecurity and Cloud

YSOSECURE is Nuabee's founder first company, created in 2002, before it merged in 2017 with Nuabee. 
Strong of 15 years of experience, Nuabee provides its customers with its Public Cloud Security expertise, ISMS (Information System Management System), business continuity plan and DRP as well as management of IS risks and ISO certifications.

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YSOSECURE was created in 2002 on three main ideas:

  • First of all, information security doesn't make sense if it isn't strongly correlated to the business needs, and aligned with business requirements!
  • Then, Cybersecurity measures must be choose after an issue and risks analysis, not only the vulnerabilities analysis.
  • Finally, referentials and standards (ISO, ISA, ...) make it possible to define a common vocabulary, a repository of good practices, which should be inspiring!

Ysosecure areas of expertise

Public Cloud security

Which Cloud aspects can fragilized a SaaS or IaaS model? How to share responsibilities?


Système de Management des Sytèmes d'Information ISO 27001 based et certification ISO 27001

DRP and Business Continuity Plan

Business continuity / Disaster Recovery Plan

IS risk management - ISO certifications

Méhari, Ebios risk management methods and ISO 27005 standard

CIOs and leaders formation

Ysosecure offers training sessions for CIOs, RSSIs but also for managers and leaders

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Learn more about Ysosecure formations

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