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TRUXT Label : The warranty of Nuabee's financial continuity and operational capacity

Truxt is an european label delivered by the Exaegis company, delivered at the end of a very demanding audit, that guarantee the operational capacity and financial continuity of IT providers to their clients and partners.
For Nuabee, this is an opportunity to certify its ability in terms of operational, technical and financial practices, as well as data security. It allows to reassure its customers and prospects as to its ability to provide PRA and external backup in the Cloud. Indeed, this label gives customers, prospects and financial partners visibility on our quality of service provider and its financial sustainability.

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Reinforce your trust in your IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Delivered for 3 years, the TRUXT label reward entrepreunarial quality and distinguish companies who obtained a comforting risk level.

Furthermore, holders of the TRUXT label become eligible to Exaegis operational guarantee : a total securement offer that allow us to guarantee service continuity even in case of failure.

On-premise Audit based on an operational and financial analysis

Financial analysis

Exaegis evaluated the financial continuity of the society based on the financial structure and seniority. Nuabee was then able to demonstrate its financial sustainability.

Operational Analysis

Exaegis auditors evaluted the "operational risk" through seven analysis chapters and 150 key points :

  • Services production
  • Human resources
  • Service quality improvement
  • Technical risks framing
  • Client relationship and business
  • Services transition (reversability and integration)
  • Economic model - Management and steering

Exegis thus certifies, as a result of this audit, our expertise as Disaster Recovery Plan as a service Providers and extrernal backup provider in Public Cloud.

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