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Nuabee's Disaster Recovery as a Service

Nuabee is the first french compagny to offer a Disaster Recovery as a service automated in the public Cloud. Thanks to our expertise, this solution is cost effective and made for the small and medium businesses and our Cloud partner Orange, our Public Cloud is under french laws.

Nuabee's draas

What does Nuabee's DRaaS do?

Nuabee's DRaaS main features

Unified DRP solution

A unique solution that provides backup, recovery and disaster recovery of all your IT infrastructure while also proving optimum protection for your data.

Guaranteed RTO

Short recovery time (under 4 hours) guarantees thanks to its innovative model and industrialized solution.

DRaaS Launcher

Start you DRaaS by pressing a button? It's now possible with our industrialization allowing us to launch your DRaaS with one clic!

Optimal data protection

Your data is encrypted from the start with a key owned only by you and stored in certified datacenters (ISO 27001, ISAE3402, PCI-DSS ..)

Automated Recovery tests

An automated semi-annual DRaaS test is performed on your entire perimeter and on users' reconnection to the fallback site. Test reports are available on the console.

Monitoring Console

It allows to monitor and administer your backups, DRaaS perimeter and to access tests reports.

Reactive support

An experienced team is by your side during all DRaaS implementation, tests and is available when technical help is needed.

Nuabee Entreprise Protection (NEP)

A 3 software bricks solution that provides all features necessary for an efficient Business Recovery Plan in the Cloud

Demo video of Nuabee DRaaS

2 minutes and 30 seconds to see all the mains features of Nuabee's DRaaS. From Nuabee's DRaaS launcher to monitoring your Disaster Recoery in action

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Perimeter covered by Nuabee's DRaaS

le perimetre du pra cloud nuabee

Nuabee DRaaS solution covers both traditionnal infrastructure (on premise) and Cloud infrastructures (public or private).
The covered environnements are:

  • Virtuals machines (VM)
  • Physical Servers
  • VM via hypervisors (VMware and Hyper-V)
  • Workstations

A solution driven by business needs

Not all applications need the same level of protection or recovery times. They need to be treated according to their needs:

  • Critical business applications: They are usually few but require a very fast recovery (often under 4 hours) with regular data replication.
  • Important applications : They require regular Cloud data replication an a recovery during the day.

Nuabee's daily missions for DRaaS customers:

tests de restauration des sauvegardes

Perform backup and recovery tests


Monitor your daily Cloud backups

tests de restauration des sauvegardes

Perform Disaster Recovery tests

backup recovery tests

Check users reconnection to DRaaS fallback sites

alert message

Alert when the problem comes from your side (disk space, ...)

technical support

Advise on DRaaS perimeter evolution

On customer side:

A monitoring console allows you to:

  • Monitor online and local backups
  • Perform backup recovery tests
  • Many more options
Learn more about DRaaS monitoring console
première page de couverture du livre blanc plan de reprise d'activité dans le cloud

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