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Hybrid backup allow a simultaneous local and Cloud backup

Through only one backup plan, Hybrid Backup allows to localy backup very quickly then use available bandwidth to externalize your backup to Cloud, for a longer time.

sauvegarde mode hybride

Hybrid Backup advantages

Doubly protected data

Thanks to local and Cloud backup, your data is doubly protected.

Available for all backup modes

Nuabee's Hybrid Backup is enable for image, files or hypervisors backup.

In case of low bandwidth

This hybrid backup mode is very interesting in case of low network bandwidth because it allows in the same backup plan a quick local backup, then a transfer in the Cloud at the rate of available bandwidth.

Main features of Hybrid Cloud Backup

Hybrid backup schema

Setting up Nuabee Backup to backup with hybrid mode your machines

A Nuabee Backup agent is installed on every machines and enable the local backup ans the Cloud backup. One backup plan allows at the same time local and Cloud backup:

  • Using your own local backup hardware (such as NAS).
  • and at the same time proceed a Cloud backup.

Nuabee Backup uses the mechanisms of hybrid backup (Disk to Disk to Cloud):

Those mecanisms allow optimization of backup time. The main benefits of this hybrid backup mecanism are :

  • Local backup is really quick
  • Cloud backup continue during the day with limited bandwith consumption based on an hourly schedule. Cloud backup times depend on available network speed.

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A monitoring console for your Backup solution

Nuabee Backup monitoring console allows you to control all your backup, whatever mode (image, files, hypervisor backup). For each server, you can create a new machine backup, change settings and initiate backups from you monitoring console.

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