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Office 365 Online Backup and Recovery Complementary Solution

Microsoft Office 365 is complete cloud collaboration service solution that has become essential to businesses. But Microsoft Office already has backup functionality, why take another data backup solution?

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Microsoft Office 365 does not give you the ability to choose how often to back up your data, or how many backup copies you wantfor each of them. For these reasons Nuabee provide a exhaustive complementary backup solution.

The Office 365 Backup Add-in Features:

The Nuabee Backup solution allows you to customize backup parameters and recover your files when needed. Find below the main parameters to back up your Office 365 data:

choose your office 365 ackup frequency

Choose backup frequency

Choose the number of backup copies office 365

Choose the number of backup copies

 sauvegarde office 365 granulaire et fiable

Restore partially or totally your data

 sauvegarde office 365 strategy

Choose your retention strategy

Backup and recovery with Nuabee limits the risk of loosing access or control over your Office 365 data, including exchange, sharepoint Online and one drive.

Top 6 reasons why you need to backup Office 365 :

Corrupt e-mails
Human error
Migration errors
Malignancy Intra-company
Accidental data deletion *

* 29% of data loss would be caused by users according to Ponemon Institute.

With Office 365 data belongs to you, so it's up to you, the customers, to ensure their protection. To avoid worrying about these threats, an Office 365 complementary backup solution, such as ours, is recommended. You can enjoy a secured backup, available at all times, with a reliable and granular recovery if needed.

Nuabee solution backs up and restores the following elements :

Microsoft Exchange


archived e-mails


Sharepoint Online

Office 365 groups



The benefits of Cloud Backup for Office 365


Encrypted data with AES 256
and data transfer in SSL


The data is saved several time a day, depending on your needs.


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