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Server backup with Recovery Testing is the solution you need for your business cyber-resilience

A lot of the time, SMes backup strategies are based on tapes or cartridges therefore their externalization is quite irregular. Usally due to the lack of memory, disk space and time their backups can't be restored when needed. With our solution, your backup strategy is automaticaly externalised in a secured Cloud and your backups' recovery are tested once a year to insure that there are no unpleasant surprises.

Cloud industrilization : a force for backups and recovery tests

 Backup with recovery tests in the cloud

Once you have defined your backup and recovery strategy, the next step is to insure the integrity of your backups, the best is with recovery test at least once a year.
Nuabbe's solution allows you to do all of it without taking more time and without investement in new harware ressources. Our backup solution with recovery test is completely automated, thank to this automated Cloud solution your backup recovery test is done without impacting your business or digging your budget. It relies on  Nuabee Automation Engine (NAE) allowing:

Launch recovery "engine" host

Launch recovery with the right parmeters
Launch restored servers after recovery
Scan ports and generate reports.

Environments availables for Nuabee's backup with recovery tests solution

The recovery backup test are available on the following operating systems:

Servers backup

SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server

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Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange

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logo linux


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Cloud apliance Backup

suite office 365

Office 365

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suite office 365

Google Suite

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Hypervisors Backup

microsoft hyperV logo

Microsoft Hyper-V

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vmware vsphere logo

Vmware ESX(i)

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Workstation Backup

Windows logo

PC Windows

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How does recovery tests works?

test restauration serveur

With our automated recovery solution, the solution launches the pre-established backup and recovery script, then tests the machines one by one. Once the tests are finished a detailled report is available in the backup console.

Does the recovery test impact your infrastructure?

On the recovery test day

You are aware of the recovery test day. As soon as your VM, machine are recovered, you can access the test report directly in the monitoring console.

Impact on your production

There is no impact or stop on your production because the server dedicated to recovery is on Orange Public Cloud : Flexible Engine

The Backup monitoring and management console

Console features serving recovery tests

The console allows you to administer all of your Nuabee solutions in a single platform. It shows you the overall scope of your backups, allows you to control their status, their monitoring. Finally, this console include a follow up of recovery tests with their reports detailled by :

  • Their operating system
  • Recovery time (overall and for each disk)
  • open ports on the server
More information about Nuabee's console
test restauration sauvegarde
synthese restauration sauvegardes tests

New feature: launch your tests from the monitoring console

In the course of 2020 comes a new console feature where you can launch backup tests from admin console.

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