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Server Backup and Recovery Cloud solution

Many disasters can damage your IT system and your database. They are not always ransomware or natural disaster, sometimes a human error can be made and may have disastrous consequences such as : data lost, drop in activity levels and stopping your employees from working.

The objective of cloud backup is to ensure your data's safety. For this purpose, Nuabee has developed a fully automated backup solution. It allows your backup to be restored quickly when you need it. Nuabee Backup stores your data on an external datacenter after having encrypted it with a key that only you possess. You can restore your data whenever you need it. Nuabee's Cloud backup solution is built on Orange's public cloud combining the advantages of public cloud under french laws with our knowledge of IT security.

Benefits of Nuabee's Server Backup Cloud

shield nuabee

Maximum Data security

Data encryption from the start
Based on a certified Public Cloud
Public Cloud under French laws


Universal Backup and Restore

Available for Windows, Linux environments, Mac, physical and virtual servers or Cloud environment.

sauv continue calendrier

Choose your Backup Calendar

Backup your data continuously or by following a schedule.

One backup solution for all environments

Servers backup

SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server

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Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange

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logo linux


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Cloud apliance Backup

suite office 365

Office 365

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suite office 365

Google Suite

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Hypervisors Backup

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Microsoft Hyper-V

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vmware vsphere logo

Vmware ESX(i)

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Workstation Backup

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PC Windows

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Nuabee Backup main features

Choose the backup mode and the frequency of your backups :

  • Backup mode :

    • Conventional: daily, weekly or with a backup calendar
    • Realtime : your files are saved as they are edited
  • Your Data Backup :

    • Full : Backup of all of your servers
    • Partial : only several folders

Aditional backup solution options:

  • Compression and encryption algorithm
  • The retention period of deleted files
  • How many versions of each file do you want to keep?
  • Retention period of deleted files
  • Backup Reports

Initial loading of your data to the cloud

For the initial loading of your data, the loading times of the data are strongly correlated to your internet upload speed.
In case of large amount of data to upload, Nuabee provides a "NuaBulle". It is a preconfigured NAS that will serve as a local storage for the data. This NAS is physically transported by postal services.


A monitoring console for your Backup solution

management console

Nuabee Backup monitoring console allows you to control all your backup, whatever mode (backup as an image, as a file, hypervisor..). For each server, you can create, change settings and initiate backups from you monitoring console.

Your Data security, above all

The goal of Cloud backup is to secure your business data to an external datacenter. Our backup solution as a service encrypt your data from the beginning. Only the customer holds the encryption key to ensure optimal Data protection.
Our Backup solution is built on Orange Business Services Public Cloud : Flexible Engine, which is ISO 27001, ISAE3402, PCI-DSS certified.

public cloud security for business data

Operating Systems covered by our Backup solution as a Service:

Supported versions for Windows
Supported versions for Linux

Others Backup options available in our Backup solution as a Service :

Backup mode available with our Backup Solution :

Nuabee offers different backup modes for each environment : file mode, image mode and backup in hypervisor mode

File mode Backup

Filers Backup

Backup unit files

sauvegarde mode image

Images Backup

Backing up an entire volume

sauvegarde mode hyperviseur

Hypervisors Backup

By VM snapshots

Local and Cloud Backup at once allows you to optimize your backup times

sauvegarde hybride

Hybrid Backup : simultaneous Cloud and local backup

Through a single backup plan, hybrid backup allow us to save locally very quickly, then use the available Internet bandwidth to outsource the backup on a much longer time scale.

This Hybrid backup mode is excellent in case of low network bandwidth. It guarantees in a single backup plan to backup localy very fast and transfer it in the cloud at the rate of bandwidth available for upload.

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