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How to set up your DRaaS with Public Cloud approach

Alternative to conventional Disaster Recovery Plan, the Disaster Recovery as a service is in expansion. Thanks to its rapid implementation, practicality and lower associated costs this solution is appreciated by small and Medium-sized businesses.

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4 phases of a DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service ) continuous approach

 1. Planify:

  • Depending of risk scenarios, define the choice of backup method to the Cloud
  • Planify the DRaaS deployment
Fonctionnement PRA cloud

2. Deploy :

  • Apply data backup plans (locally and to the Cloud) for the DRaaS
  • Test unitary components of the DRaaS
  • Transfer datas
  • Ensure skills transfer

4. Upgrade :

  • Periodically review the DRaaS perimeter
  • Add or remove the applications that needs to be added or removed

3. Control

  • Setup the backup test plan
  • Test parts of the DRaaS
  • Review the monitored elements

Detailled steps during the first execution of an outsourced DRP

  • Phase 1 : Planify
  • Phase 2 : Deploy
  • Phase 3 : Control
  • Phase 4 : Upgrade

Nuabee DRaaS' Daily missions to customers :

tests de restauration des sauvegardes
Run regular backup and restore tests
Daily monitor your backup and PRA
tests de restauration des sauvegardes
Execute DRaaS tests (bi-annualy)
tests de restauration des sauvegardes
Check reconnexion solution to your backup site
message alerte
Alert you when a problem is coming from your side (disk space,..)
support technique
Advise you on the DRP perimeter's evolutions

On customers' side :

Nuabee's Monitoring console allows you to :

  • Monitor your Cloud and local backup in real time
  • Execute Backup and recovery
  • Many others options...
Check the others monitoring options of Nuabee's console

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