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Nuabee's Disaster Recovery as a Service architecture

Alternative to Business Recovery Plan, Disaster Recovery Plan as a service is a growing solution, it attracts because of it's recovery speed, it's simple implementation and the decrease of associated costs.

  • Our DRaaS solution is structured in spaces

    On premise spaces contain the original IT infrastructure divided into two separate parts :

    • Protected space, its activity will continue in Cloud in case of disaster.
    • Unprotected space, its activity won't be rescued in case of disaster.

    These 2 spaces are used in case of Disaster Recovery, or during DRAaS testing. They are dedicated to the DRaaS technical implementation. They are empty when the client’s system is operational, in nominal mode. In case of Disaster Recovery, they are filled according to needs.

    • The Rescue space : The IT elements on DRAaS scope are recovered in this virtual space, locate in Cloud.
    • The Fallback space: This space is another physical location that allows reconnection to the rescue space, giving access to all recovered IT element

    Features of the on premise space

    Protected on premise spaces

    The protected space include all the mission criticals IT elements (servers, network, specialized equipment). This physical space is located in a computer room. The goal to DRaaS is to counter a disaster that would impact this room.

    Unprotected on premise space

    The unprotected space contains IT elements that aren’t mission critical. Its scope can be geographically larger: one or several building, in diverse sites.

    Features of the Cloud spaces

    The rescue space

    The rescue space is a virtual space in the Cloud. Clients have to plug into it to access their DRaaS. It's used for disaster recovery or during DRP testing. Image system and data recorded are restored in this virtual space.

    The Fallback space

    The Fallback space is the physical space where business activity is restored. Once DRP is activated, the fallback space will be interconnected to the rescue space and the client will be able to access the recovered machines.

    For each client, these 4 spaces are created and each set of spaces is isolated from the other, due to Cloud architecture.

  • The 2 functionnal modes of our DRaaS solution : Nominal & Rescue

    rescue mode video

    Nominal mode

    A backup plan is built upstream, in nominal mode. Nominal mode is when the entire infrastructure of the client computer system is connected and functional. It sends data to the cloud for backup.


    Back up data by replicating it in the cloud. Application data, systems and servers are saved.

    Cloud infrastructure's costs

    Unlike the traditional PRA, Virtual machines are not billed outside recovery tests and the Disaster Recovery launch.

    Read more about costs decrease with DRaas

    Rescue mode

    The rescue mode is the mode activated right after a disaster : the customer then connects to his space, built upstream on the public cloud of Orange Business Service: Flexible Engine.

    How does it work ?

    When the main site is offline or impacted
    Our Disaster Recovery as a service solution gives acces to a virtual rescue space dedicated to each client. All element in DRP scope will be restaured in this virtual space (servers, networks ..). During the time your main site is down, this virtual spaces replaces it, allowing business continuity.

    Recovery times

    Applications and data are restored within minutes or hours, depending on the selected solution.

Nuabee's DRaaS' 3 softwares bricks

Also called Nuabee Entreprise Protection (NEP)

Encompass 3 softwares blocks to ensure a complete disaster recovery.

Nuabee Backup

Nuabee Backup software for servers and complex environments.

Know more about Nuabee Backup

Nuabee Automation Engine (NAE)

Automated test and DRP Implementation in Cloud due to Industrialized software.

Nuabee Cloud Access

Securised software wich allows users to connect remotely and access their personnal rescue space in the Cloud.

More about DRaaS implementation in Cloud

Nuabee DRaaS is based on Orange Business Service public Cloud

Flexible Engine, Orange Business Services (OBS) announced Flexible Engine in mid-2017, it's new worldwide public cloud solution based on Openstack.

Flexible Engine architecture:

Flexible engine components

Know more about Flexible Engine

Disaster Recovery as a Service managing console

Nuabee has developped a unique managing console for DRaaS and external backup solutions. DRaaS monitoring console gives a global view of all your solutions:

synthetic vue of management console

More about management console

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