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All the advantages of an outsourced
IT DRP in an OpenStack public Cloud

Does your compagny need a business continuity plan ?

Nuabee Disaster Recovery Service ensure:

Your applications Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

Optimize your Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

Maintain low operative risks and costs

Trust your backups with regular recovery tests

Our Backup and Recovery services offers

Outsourced Backup
in the Public Cloud

Numerous backup options available : Disk image, file, hypervisor, continuous mode

Outsourced Backup with periodic Recovery tests

To guarantee the files and environments complete recovery capability

Disaster Recovery Plan

Optimize and adapt the solution to fit your company's needs

Migrate IT infrastructure
to the Public Cloud

Free yourself from on-site infrastructure

Upsides of Cloud-based Disaster Recovery

Cloud DRP Advantages

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Costs reduction

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Simplified deployment

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Trust your DRP

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You need Help or informations about
Backup, Recorvery or Disaster Recovery ?



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  • Main advantages

    of the Nuabee Cloud DRP

    Nuabee's Cloud-based Disaster Recovery assured you all the benefits of a Outsourced-Cloud DRaas with the use of Orange Business Services' Public Cloud : Flexible Engine.

    Added to all this, Nuabee's team, strong of 15 years of experience in IT security and business continuity, on top of the knowledge of the industrialisation process, guarantee to make you benefit from every advantage a Cloud DRP has to offer.

    graphic of steps of Disaster Recovery as a service. First step is identifying your continuity needs second step is define your strategy third step is implement DR solution fourth step is imporve yout disaster recovery plan
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    5 perks of Nuabee's DRP :

    1. Cost : Our solution is on average 50% cheaper compared to traditionnal Distaster Recovery Plan.

    2. Recovery time : Critical applications can be restarted in a few hours.

    3. Trust : Through restoration tests on a regular basis, gain trust in our DRP solution.

    4. Flexibility : Adjust the coverage in a few clicks.

    5. Security : All datas are encrypted, and the environments provide the best security and isolation.

  • Solution's architecture

    Disaster Recovery as a Service

    Nuabee's Disaster Recovery bulding blocks :

    • A storage space : Dedicated to hold all the Client's encrypted backup data, using a key only he knows.
    • A dedicated recovery or fallback space: It consists of an OpenStack project, unique destination of the client's resources (Vms router, VPNs, etc...) in the event of a disaster recovery activation.
    • Nuabee's administrative space : This space allows us to control and monitor client's DRP

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  • Disaster Recovery Plan security aspects

    Nuabee's insights

    Day-to-day security considerations

    • Nuabee Backup software encrypts all data with industry standards:
      • Files stored in the Cloud are encrypted with the AES cipher
      • Data transfers between your machines and the Cloud are protected with TLS 1.2
    • Your backups are stored in a secure and isolated environment in Orange Business Services' Public Cloud called a Project

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    Leveraging Cloud features

    • A dedicated Cloud environment either in test mode as well as real DRP activation :
      • By design, this environment is sequestrated from Internet and other projects.
    • A secure link between your sites and the Cloud environment through :
      • a VPN operated by Nuabee, or
      • a MLPS access
    • And of course all the inherent security of Orange's Cloud
  • Orange Business Service's Partnership

    with Flexible Engine, based on OpenStack

    Our gold partnership with Orange Business Services

    Orange Business Services, with Huawei has developped Flexible Engine, a public cloud, mondial solution based on OpenStack technology.

    This public cloud is intended for europpeens business of all size, especially with international presence.

    En savoir plus

    Openstack Technology

    Openstack technology is a cloud operating system that allows you to control large sets of compute, storage and network resources in a datacenter.
    Dashboards give administrators global control, while allowing users to manage their resources through a web interface.
    Open Source orchestration software allows Nuabee to offer a flexible, cost effective and reliable DRaaS.

     cloud operation systeme of OpenStack
    cloud operation systeme of OpenStack bigger picture
  • témoignage du groupe AlterEos

    "C'est une solution française, qui est adaptée aux PME comme le notre grâce à sa simplicité, sa souplesse d'utilisation et un budget adapté."
    Ludovic D.
    RI du groupe AlterEos
  • témoignage AlterEos Groupe
    "C'est une solution adaptée aux PME, compréhensible par tous et techniquement performante."

    Sylvie CHEYNEL 
    Présidente du Directoire d'AlterEos
  • témoignage alter eos

    "Nous avons eu un souci de crash sur une baie de disques, ayant pour conséquences l'indisponibilité de VM, nous avions absolument besoin d'un fichier, et la réactivité de Nuabee nous a permis de le recupérer beaucoup plus rapidement que par notre méthode de sauvegarde traditionnelle."

    Ludovic D.
    RI du groupe AlterEos


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Notre métier

Nuabee fournit des solutions de Plan de Reprise d'Activité dans le Cloud (PRA as a Service) et de sauvegardes et restauration en ligne de serveurs s'appuyant sur les infrastructures de Flexible Engine, le Cloud public d'Orange Business Services.

Orange Cloud for Business


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